Box Canyon Falls in the winter

Box Canyon Falls in the winter

Entrance to the Box Cañon Falls is an easy 2 block walk from our lodge in Ouray.  Once inside the park, enjoy the roaring falls that crash to the river bed 285 feet below.  There is also a short hike of 1/2 mile or so to the suspension bridge that crosses the gorge.  Once on the bridge, feel free to open the gate, walk through the tunnel and come down that trail back to the lodge.  It makes for a short yet fun hike and lasts about 1.5 hours round trip.  This suggestion applies to walkers as you end up back at the lodge and not at the parking area.

If you enjoy waterfalls, May and June provide great delights and there are numerous waterfalls near Ouray for your pleasure.

Wintertime is also a wonderful time to head to Box Canyon Falls.  You can also enjoy watching ice climbing in the Uncompaghre Gorge and at the Ouray Ice Park while you hike to the Box Canyon Falls Park.  The trail is snow packed and icy so be prepared.

Historical photo of Box Canyon Falls

Photo courtesy of Ouray County Historical Society

Box Cañon Falls is a historic tourist destination.  Many photos exist depicting women in Victorian dresses and tall hats visiting the falls.  For over 100 years, people have enjoyed touring this area. (Photo right courtesy of Ouray County Historical Society).   Today, the Box Cañon Falls is owned and operated by the City of Ouray.  There is a fee charged to enter the park from May until November.  The rest of the year is free to visitors at this time.

The rare black swift bird makes these canyon walls its home during the summer season.  Read more about this rare bird on our birding page.


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