Don’t enjoy the hectic shopping routine?  Then, slowly walk the streets of Ouray without the crowds and hectic pace.  Ouray has many shops that are open in summer and winter and they provide one of a kind gifts that can’t always be found in shopping malls.  Each store in Ouray is owned and operated by a person who cares passionately about their store, who hand picks all of the merchandise they sell themself, who calls Ouray home and who thinks of their customers first.  (Ouray is in fact the most beautiful shopping mall in the world!)

Ouray has a wonderful variety of shops and galleries where you can purchase items from inexpensive mementos to more precious collector’s items, or from unframed posters to fine art pieces. You’ll enjoy browsing through our shops year-round, finding just the right one-of-a-kind gifts to complete your Christmas list.

Blue Pear, a shop in Ouray Colorado

The Blue Pear

Ouray also has a number of fine artisans, photographers and craftsmen, who live, show and sell their works in galleries throughout Ouray.

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