A Back Road Adventure in Ouray!

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to outdoor excitement in and around Ouray in the Summer.

From rafting to hikingrock climbing and canyoning to horseback riding, all of which boasting a variety of difficulty levels, it is impossible to say which is the most fun, or suited to you and your group. Only you can decide!


Adventures in the San Juans can be found on foot, by bike, off road vehicle, horse, sedan, or a combination of all! You might take your jeep to a remote trail head like Sneffels, then hike to the peak at 14,000 feet! Ouray makes you want to be outside. Experiencing the splendor of the San Juans face to face, a new adventure around every bend!

One of the most popular summer activities in Ouray County is exploring the high country in an off road vehicle. Although renting or bringing a Razor is becoming more common, most still prefer going out in a Jeep, and the trails never seem to end.

An afternoon adventure we enjoyed last week took us on Highway 550 to Silverton for lunch, and home again on the back roads.

We drove to Animas Forks, one of the most well maintained ghost towns in Colorado, then continued along the mountain tracks, touching on California up to Hurricane Pass, and eventually finding ourselves at the top of Corkscrew, which we followed back down to Highway 550.

At the base of the mountain, a short hike revealed an almost surreal atmosphere, as the forest floor was coated in a blanket of cottonwood puffs, magical to look at!

Whether you decide to take your own vehicle, or take advantage of a jeep tour from one of the many knowledgeable companies in town, the adventures never cease. Each time you travel one of the over 500 miles of accessible jeep roads around Ouray, be sure to keep your camera ready for the chance to capture a new and awesome part of the area!

And at the end of a day or afternoon spent adventuring, a nice soothing soak in the mineral hot springs is perhaps the most rewarding way to end your day. Let the staff at the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs help you to plan out your next off road adventure! We make it our job to help you choose activities most suited to you and your family.


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