April Showers bring…..Jeep Adventures in Ouray County!!!!

The winter was mild in Southwest Colorado this year, which has both positive and negative results. With snow pack in Colorado at about 66% of normal, there is definite concern, but with some wonderful rain and late snow showers through the month, we should be OK without too many restrictions this summer.

Spring seems to have sprung, and no one is complaining about the green grass, baby cows and all around awakening from a long winter sleep. The perimeter trail and other low altitude hiking options are beckoning and it is just a matter of time before Ouray County Road and Bridge Department has announced they will begin clearing the high country four-wheel drive roads on April 16, 2018, depending on weather, of course.  They anticipate clearing up to the outhouses at Yankee Boy in about four days. Red Mountain Town should also be clear to the main loop in the same time frame, after which crews will begin work on Corkscrew and Engineer.

It is always fascinating to watch Ironton transform from a winter wonderland for cross country skiing and snow shoeing into an outdoor amusement park of a different sort. Corkscrew is probably my personal favorite four wheel drive road, and I genuinely cannot wait to get back up in the high country with my jeep! Jeep tours are fun too, even for those of us who have lived here for years. Some of these roads are a little technical, and having an experienced driver navigate while you just get to take pictures and check out the scenery is pretty awesome.

Of course, the jeep trails are not open yet, but there are still a variety of things to do and see while we wait. Early spring is an ideal time to get away for a quiet escape. Soaking in the all natural hot springs, roaming through shops on Main Street, and exploring county roads that do not require a four wheel drive. No matter the time of year, Ouray is calling!


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