CDOT Provides Amazing Road Maintenance in Ouray County!

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) keeps Southwest Colorado safe!

Colorado has enjoyed a genuine snowy winter this year! As we all enjoy the great conditions for a variety of winter activities, the conditions of our roads is always on our minds. What fun would it be to hear about excellent conditions for skiing, ice clibing etc. if there is no safe way to get there?  Never fear! The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and our local organizations work extra hard in the winter to keep our roads cleared every time it snows. 

CDOT in connection with other organizations such as Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) keep a close eye on weather conditions, forecasts, snow depth, wind and much more to predict potential hazards and work tirelessly to keep our roads safe. Rarely do they have to close the roads, but if they do it is for as little time as necessary to remove the hazards. Snow plow drivers go through rigorous training and work long hours even overnight to ensure out roads are clear and safe. 

A direct quote from their website speaks on how CDOT works to protect our roads and travelers:

*CDOT/CAIC avalanche teams can use the following to trigger slides (please note, however, not all these measures are used on every slide path):  five-pound charges set by hand; a truck-mounted “avalauncher” that uses pneumatic pressure to fire 2.2-pound rounds; a 105 Howitzer leased from the Army that can fire 40-pound missiles up to seven miles; a helicopter that drops 30- to 50- pound bombs. (CDOT doesn’t own the helicopter.) 

Red Mountain Pass is #7 on CDOT”s list of highest passes maintained in 

Colorado. Red Mt Pass also has the most avalanche slide paths with potential to hit the highway in North America. 

To stay up to date on road conditions visit or get their mobile app, which is called CDOT Mobile or sign up on their website for e-mail and text message alerts. You can also follow them on Facebook  and Twitter @ColoradoDOT. You can also dial 511 from your phone for road conditions.


About the Author: Ever the wine enthusiast and farm to table promoter, Faith Parry is the brains and braun of the Ouray Wine, Chocolate and Cheese festival. She tirelessly explores hidden gems, and shares with us experiences and adventures that otherwise we wouldn’t know were so fabulous! Southwest Colorado is a treasure trove of talented people all eager to share their passion for a variety of creativity from wine and cheese, to the Ridgway MoonWalk.

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