Five Great Ways to Experience Ouray This Summer

Ouray, Colorado and the surrounding area is filled with amazing scenery and a variety of adventures. Regardless of the season, there are always a number of ways to enjoy a visit to the area, the hardest thing might be choosing which activities most appeal.

Despite the rainy afternoons in August, there are still so many ways to explore and enjoy Ouray and the surrounding area. It is, however, important to remember the weather can change in mere minutes, and to plan accordingly. If you are planning an adventure in the high country, bring layers, sun screen and never forget your camera!

1. Jeeping

There is a reason Ouray is nicknamed “The Jeep Capital of the of the World”. With easy access to over 500 miles of four wheel drive trails, it could take weeks to genuinely explore every one. From wildlife to wildflowers, waterfalls, abandoned mines, and once the flowers go back to sleep, the magnificent fall colors, each adventure holds some new magic! The decision now is whether you will be taking your own off-road vehicle, or let one of the many experienced tour companies do the driving for you!

2. Hiking

To some, there is something about taking yourself where no vehicle could possibly go. Walking along a narrow trail, surrounded by nothing but the spectacular scenery, gasping as you ascend those few final feet, with the ultimate reward of views seen by very few people. From easy trails right outside your door in town, to more strenuous journeys to peaks high above town, there are several trails calling your name!

3. History

Ouray is one of very few towns that has never suffered devastating fire on Main Street. Over two-thirds of the buildings in town are still  in use, lovingly maintained and restored to preserve their turn of the century Victorian Charm. From self guided walking tours of the historic residences and buildings, to a day spent exploring our many museums, it is easy to get caught up in the history of this tiny little town.

4. Scenic Drives

You don’t have to have a four wheel drive to experience the awesome scenery in and around Ouray. Lauded as one of the most scenic highways in the world, the Million Dollar Highway is a stretch of Highway 55o that travels from Ouray to Durango. This road traverses three mountain passes: Red Mountain, Molas and Coal Bank. At the summit of Red Mountain Pass between Ouray and Silverton, you are at an altitude of just over 11,000 feet. With dramatic views, and a number of spots to stop and walk around, the Million Dollar Highway is a road filled with adventure!

5. Hot Springs

Mineral hot springs are an occurence in nature difficult to describe, but must be experienced. With a composition high in sodium, manganese, iron, and sulfates, the water in Ouray does not contain sulfur, so there is not the strong odor many people associate with hot spring water. Throughout the centuries, Mineral Springs have been renowned for their soothing powers with people traveling from far and wide to partake in their healing properties. Whether this is true or not, there can be no argument that a soak in the Natural Hot Springs after a day adventuring in and around Ouray is an experience beyond compare!

Visitors to Ouray are often overwhelmed by the amount of activities that can be enjoyed in this tiny town tucked away in a tiny canyon. In addition to those listed above, a full day could be spent just perusing the shops on Main Street, hours can fly past while enjoying a family picnic at the park, or panning for gold at the Bacheler Syracuse Mine. There is horse back riding, whitewater rafting, canyoning, or an evening spent enjoying an historical film of the area. 

The staff at the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs is here to help you plan an adventure suited to your specific goals. Whether is is a quiet relaxing escape spent soaking and  shopping, or an adrenaline pumping experience – spent rappelling from canyon walls and scaling 14’ers, we are here to help you with any and all arrangements. Let us do the planning, sit back and enjoy the ride!

See you soon!

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