High Altitude Living

Ouray now has an Oxygen Bar! Elevate Day Spa has moved to a new beautiful space on 5th Ave and expanded! 

Living at over 7,500 feet we often hear people say that they have a hard time breathing. People visiting from lower altitudes often suffer the effects of altitude sickness, which can display flu like symptoms. Drinking lots of water, staying away from alcohol, and generally taking it easy while you acclimate helps pretty quickly. For extreme cases, often a short drive to Ridgway, (about 1000 feet lower in elevation), can help as well, and of course there is oxygen. The Ouray Alchemist Museum actually carries canned oxygen, which is kind of like an inhaler, and helps many people experiencing the effects of the higher altitudes.


Oxygen bars are quickly gaining popularity in cities across the country. Elevate Day Spa, seeing a niche to be filled, has opened a new oxygen bar in addition to many other services they provide. The combination of aroma therapy and pure oxygen offer a wonderful option for rejuvenation. And at higher elevations, a little bit of oxygen can make an immense difference in how quickly one acclimates to a vacation so far above sea level. Not only that, but it is a great way to relax for a little while with good friends and enjoy something truly different.

Maria and I decided to try an oxygen treatment together. Every Tuesday from 1-5 they offer half price sessions at their Oxygen Bar. Approaching the building there are beautiful pots of flowers and it is so welcoming. The reception area was just as warm and inviting. The reception area is open with lots of light from the huge windows. We were escorted to the back room, also a lovely open room with great decor and relaxing colors. We sat at the bar and got to choose our flavors to add to the oxygen. A glass of water and we are hooked up to oxygen. 15 minutes of oxygen infused with lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus and fir, pure bliss. Right now they just have water to drink, but eventually there will be other drinks to go with your oxygen experience. 

Oxygen treatments have such awesome effects on our bodies including enhancing brain function and increasing cell health as well as eliminating headaches, increasing energy, quicker recovery after a workout and so much more. In my further research I discovered research that suggests that Oxygen Therapy can cure AIDS and cancer.

In addition to the new oxygen bar, Elevate also offers a variety of spa services. From Swedish Massage to Facials; Aromatherapy and Body Wraps, Elevate Day Spa can create a package just for you. After a couple of hours in the capable hands of these professional, friendly girls, you will be hooked. Customer service often seems a thing of the past, but not so here. From the moment a guest walks in the door, they are treated as if they are the most important person in the world, adding to the absolute bliss of indulgence.

With so many options available, a visit to Ouray can be even more enjoyable than ever. A day in Ouray can be enjoyed wandering the shops of Main Street, enjoying fantastic food, and indulging in a variety of spa treatments. Follow this up with a long, soothing soak in our all natural mineral hot spring tubs, and feel all of the stress of the day to day melt away as if it never existed.

We have a number of guests who enjoy our Large Suite for a ladies weekend getaway, which is even more pleasant with the introduction of an oxygen bar and day spa! Let the staff at the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs help you to create the perfect escape. Pamper yourself with a vacation in the Switzerland of America!


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