It’s Winter in Ouray, and the Ice is Calling!

The Ouray Ice Park has announced a tentative opening date for the Ice Park this year! Weather permitting, the park should be open on December 18, 2016. Of course, just because the Ice Park isn’t open yet, doesn’t mean there has not been a flurry of activity out there. The day before Thanksgiving, the ice farmer crew finished mounting the 5,000 pound elite mixed climbing competition tower to the rim of the gorge above Aphrodite.
The weather has been spectacular the past couple of weeks, a little bit of snow, a lot of sunshine, and clear, cold nights to help firm up the ice. So, if you haven’t already started preparing your gear for the season, the time is at hand!

As if the opportunities for a variety of winter sports in the area were not enough, Ouray is ranked as one of the most popular locations in the world for ice climbing. Not only do the surrounding mountains provide numerous spectacular ice-climbing routes, Ouray has the first ice-climbing park in the U.S. where a mile of farmed ice is available only a two-block walk from the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs and free to all who enjoy this unique sport.

Membership is extremely important to the park as well. As a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization,  supports from those who enjoy the park is necessary to maintain and operate more than 200 named ice and mixed climbs, most within a 15-minute walk of the Park entrance, and keep it free. This year, the park officials are trying to make things a little more simple, and are primarily selling memberships online. This is also a more secure method for those using their credit cards to purchase annual memberships. The Store at the Park is also extending their hours, so all the fun Ice Park memorabilia is going to be easier to find!

Whether you are a seasoned climber, drained from a morning of exhilarating climbs, or a fan of the sport, heading back from watching these amazing athletes traverse frozen waterfalls,  return to the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs to take a soak in the mineral hot springs hot tubs terraced on the mountainside. The canyon holds a beauty and majesty in crisp ice reflecting every color of the rainbow, yet she can chill you to the bone, and nothing takes the bite of cold away like our tubs! With temperatures ranging from 103* F to 108* F, a 15 minute soak will soothe away the winter chill and rejuvenate you for an evening of relaxation in this beautiful little mountain town.

As always, members of the Ice Park receive discounts all over town. From restaurants and shops on Main Street, to specials on gear and equipment, to spectacular savings at the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs, Ouray is the premier place this season for some spectacular times both on and off the ice!




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