Last Run on Last Dollar

Saturday was a georgeous, sun-shiny day in Ouray. Perfect for a scenic drive through the back country.  We decided to take a drive to Telluride, and return on Last Dollar Road. This seemed the best choice, since it had rained the day before, which almost always means snow in the higher elevations.

As always, the scenery was magnificent, and although there was some snow, that only served to make the drive more beautiful. Reaching the summit, the tire tracks we were following suddenly disappeared, the road ahead a white expanse of untouched powder.

And so, a decision had to be made. Do we continue forward or turn around and return to the highway, taking the long way around. Western Colorado never ceases to amaze. At every curve, there is a new surprise, whether it is a rainbow of wildflowers in the Spring, a shower of red and gold in the Fall, or two inches of fresh snow in the early part of winter. 

After walking a little ways down the road, and noting the depth of the snow, we decided to persevere, braving the unknown, as it were, and trusting in our four wheel drive, should the snow get any deeper. There was a moment or two in which we questioned our judgement when we came across a tree that had recently been moved out of the road.

Just as we started to consider turning back, another curve, and suddenly the breath caught in our chests as we gazed out at the snow covered peaks and clear, dry road before us. A herd of deer exchanged looks with us as we slowly traveled past, my camera over heating as I took picture after picture.

Travelling the back roads is always a favorite activity of mine. Exploring the same road at the turn of the seasons, feels entirely new each time. Returning to the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs for a warm, soothing soak at the end of the day is absolute perfection.
It is important to always be prepared for drastic changes in road conditions, and never try something that goes beyond your own comfort level. I’m sure some people would laugh at our caution, while others might wonder at the Devil may care attitude as we traversed a snow covered peak. 

Let the staff at the Box Canyon help you to plan your next escape to Ouray. We are here to make your stay a safe and memorable one.


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