Ouray Nordic Council Makes Outdoor Winter Sports Safe and Fun!

Skiing and Snowshoeing season in the San Juan Mountains is about to begin!

November is upon us, and Mother Nature has been smiling on Southwest Colorado. We have gotten some wonderful storms: just enough snow to coat the mountains, followed by beautiful sunshiny days that entice any one looking out a window to go out and enjoy.

Skiing in the San Juan Mountains is an amazing adventure, made perhaps even more of a once in a lifetime experience due to the reputation for extreme avalanche danger. The Ouray Nordic Council works through the winter months to maintain wondefulyy groomed trails, and maintain the most up to date information on the conditions of popular winter sport areas. Following a brautifully groomed trail does not in any way depreciate the wonder of the San Juan skiing or snow shoeing experience.

A division of the Ouray Trail Group, the Nordic Council is a group of families and individuals dedicated to maintaining not only the Ironton Park Trails, but a varity of other trails in the Ouray North Corridor to be accessible for winter recreation. Through the support of these families and local businesses, Ouray County can boast a variety of scenic areas for snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and other winter sports.

Of course, anyone can help. For a very small annual fee, you can become a member of the Ouray Nordic Council. Not only will you be helping to maintain the trails we all enjoy, membership has other benefits. The opportunity to win some great prizes not the least of which.

Not only does the Nordic Council focus on providing safe, well maintaned trails for skiers and snow shoers, they also focus quite seriously on the safety of every individual who chooses to adventure in the San Juans. Avalanche safety is tantamount to their mission, and members are eager to share safety tips as well as the optimal skiing and snowboarding options given the time of your visit.

Regardless of whether you choose to join, be sure to always check with them prior to going on an expedition. The best part of a trip in the high country is to go to a spot that is at its peak for whatever activity you have in mond.

At the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs, our goal is to help every one of our guests enjoy the beauty of Ouray and the surrounding area safely. There is of course, no comparrision to a long soothing soak in one of our mineral hot spring tubs following a morning spent in the peaceful splendor of one of our awesome Cross Country Ski trails.

Let us help you to enjoy everything the San Juans have to offer, as you enjoy a special getaway of perhaps one day, or longer.



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