What to do on a Snow Day in Ouray?

One of the wonderful things about Colorado is the weather. Even the heaviest storms only last for a day or so, followed by bright sunshine reflecting on a pristine blanket of snow. As soon as the first flakes begin to fall, snow plows set to work, keeping our roads as clear and safe as possible, but on snow days it is especially nice to settle in and enjoy the beauty of winter. So, park that car for the day, and experience a snow day in Ouray!

Strolling along Main Street as the flakes accumulate, ducking into each open shop to warm up for a moment and peruse the merchandise is a magical experience. There are books to be read and warm slippers for an evening in. Between shops, there are a variety of restaurants, welcoming the chilly traveler indoors for a warm meal or drink with friends while watching a winter wonderland unfold. It is easy to spend at least a couple of hours just wandering Main Street on a snow day.

Vinegar Hill seems to beckon. Located in the middle of town, this little ski hill has been a staple for family fun since the first winter in Ouray. Located at the South end of town, Lees Ski Hill is great fun for all. The old fashioned rope tow takes you back to the essence of small town adventures. The Uncompaghre River Trail provides the perfect track for cross country skiing. Relatively flat, it is great for getting a feel for the snow before heading out to Ironton or Top of the Pines, or on its own, it is a terrific work out! Sleds and skis are available for rent at Ouray Mountain Sports, as well as the best advice for your own special adventure.

Ice Climbers experience a different type of climbing on snow days, locked in the quiet concentration of scaling frozen waterfalls, brushing the flakes away before carefully placing your crampon into the next step upward.  Just a short walk from the Box Canyon Lodge, the Ouray Ice Park boasts over 200 named climbs, suited for every level of experience. For a more interesting experience, let one of our many professional guides create an experience on the ice you will never forget.

Nothing quite compares to a soak in the soothing waters of our all natural hot springs when it is snowing. Whether soaking at the large city pool, or here at the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs, there is an almost surreal feeling, surrounded by steam as giant white flakes melt before touching the water, coating your hair in a cap of ice, yet as warm as a summer day, submerged in the healing waters.

The morning after a snow day, it is best to take your time before heading out on the road. Enjoy a couple cups of coffee and one last soak while the sun has a chance to melt icy roads. Savor a leisurely breakfast on Main Street, then gradually head home. It’s as if mother nature painted a new landscape overnight. Flurries create mountains where none existed, and trees seem to emulate snowmen, warmed by an insulating coat of fresh snow.

There is no better place to escape the day to day than an adventure in Ouray this winter!

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