Spring Hike in Ouray Colorado – Twin Peaks Trail

Ouray Colorado, nestled in the valley of towering 13,000 foot peaks, boasts wonderful hiking during the summer.  But, even now as springtime takes hold, some fun hikes are already available, albeit somewhat short.

The Twin Peaks Trail has a strong southern exposure and we never hit any snow or even a random snow patch along the route.  We went to the junction of the Oak Creek Trail before turning around.   

You can start the hike at the hotel parking lot by heading west, crossing the bridge to Oak Street, walk past 4-5 houses and turn left on Queen Street.  After passing 2-3 houses, turn left and cross over the creek on Pine Crest.  Keep walking up that street which quickly turns into a 4WD road.  You will see the Trail Marker where the road dead ends.   If you have a 4WD vehicle, there is parking for 2-3 cars at this point.

Views are very nice of Canyon Creek (which takes you up to Yankee Boy Basin) and overlooking Ouray and the Amphitheater.  Enjoy Ouray this Spring and get your hiking shoes on!  

Have you been on any trails this spring?  What were the conditions?  We would love to get your input.



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