The Outdoor Recreation Capital of Colorado: Ouray is a Destination for all Outdoor Enthusiasts


Perhaps one of our most frequently asked questions from guests who have not been to Ouray is “What is there to do?”

Well, the answer is simple but long, and really depends on you… First of all, to love Ouray, you have to love the outdoors. This does not mean you are into extreme sports – scaling 14’ers, Hiking for miles into the back country to ski hidden basins, or rappel through a waterfall… you CAN do all of these things here, and there are a number of guides waiting to take you on an adventure sure to get your adrenaline pumping. For those of us with a penchant for the great outdoors who still like both feet on the ground, the number of activities in and around Ouray are equally boundless!

Recently, Ouray received the designation, in addition to being known as “The Switzerland of America”, we are also now “The Outdoor Recreation Capitol of Colorado”! This is not a title the city takes lightly, and the entire community has joined together to provide recreational activities for families, friends, and adrenaline junkies alike!

Cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and sledding are just a few of the winter activities to be enjoyed. Lee’s Ski Hill gives downhill skiers a taste of the slopes, allowing beginners to get a feel for their snowboard or skis before braving the more dramatic slopes of Telluride, Silverton or Purgatory. The Ouray Ice Park, despite having to close early this year, is world renowned for over 50 climbs varying from extreme to beginner level, great fun for the whole family!

Spring, Summer and Fall bring us canyoning, rock climbing, marathons, hiking, and not to be forgotten – over 500 miles of four wheel drive roads accessible in our back yard! White water rafting, kayaking and fly fishing are just a few more activities to enjoy in the warmer months!

Beginners and experts can enjoy a day climbing, rafting, skiing and more, as the San Juan Mountain Guides, Rigs, Peak Mountain Guides, and Canyoning Colorado are waiting to create the outdoor adventure perfectly suited to you.

Action Adventure Trail Rides and Bach’lers Stable take guests far into the high country for the horseback riding adventure of a lifetime, while Switzerland of America, Colorado West, Alpine Scenic Tours and many more have jeeps at the ready to traverse the miles upon miles of four wheel drive trails surrounding Ouray.

Every guest is different, and our guide services are ready to accommodate you. Their passion is to share this beautiful place we call home, and ignite in every heart a love of the San Juans and Ouray. With adventures for all, any time of year, there is no reason to wait! Let the staff at the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs help you find the outdoor adventure for you today!



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