Why Ouray Hot Springs are Amazing

What’s that Smell? NOTHING! That’s right. My absolute favorite thing about the hot springs in Ouray County is the lack of odor. As the water travels to the surface, it absorbs not only a variety of minerals, but also odors associated with them.

Ouray has an almost imperceptible amount of sulfur in its soil. Pure sulfur actually has no odor until it is combined with other elements, in the case of hot springs, it is the combination of anaerobic bacteria which dissolves the sulfur, creating Hydrogen sulfide, the source of the rotten egg smell often encountered in natural springs. Of course, this information is just for fun, since Ouray hot springs don’t smell. 

How hot is it? Hot springs are a marvel of nature.  Geo thermally heated water pushes itself to the surface, creating these awesome pools of warm water full of healing minerals. Often, the water is too hot to immerse yourself in without a little bit of help. The water at the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs flows from the earth at a scalding 140 – 160 degrees! We use this to our advantage, employing the hot springs  the hot springs to heat our rooms and tap water as we cool it enough for our guests to comfortably enjoy the benefits of the water. Other places cool their water differently, some by adding water from the natural cold springs in Ouray County to make their water safe.

Wait- there’s WHAT in the water? Well yes, when reading the chemical analysis of our hot springs, you might feel like you are on an episode of one of those crime shows on Investigation Discovery, but fear not! Unless you plan on drinking a few gallons, which we advise against, not only is the water safe, it’s also good for you. All over the world, natural hot springs are revered for their healing and therapeutic properties. Warm water is able to dissolve more solids, creating the high content of a variety of mineral long believed by some to contain specific healing properties. throughout history, hot springs have been believed to be everything from a religious experience to a medical miracle. 

There is something almost spiritual in soaking in a natural hot spring. The water flows directly from the ground, every element of the spring a part of nature. Soaking in the cedar tubs at the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs, as deer graze mere feet from you, it is impossible not to feel a connection with nature and all of the magnificence of the San Juan Mountainsin Southwest Colorado.



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