Why Ouray is the Ideal Place for Your Destination Wedding

 Outdoors or in, the Switzerland of America is ideal for your Destination Wedding!

So you have finally met your match, the perfect person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now the question is where do you want to get married? We have the answer to that question, Ouray, CO! For the perfect destination wedding Ouray offers a little bit of everything, we have gorgeous, breathtaking outdoor locations, more formal indoor offerings, and sweet little fairy tale gardens, just take your pick.


The San Juan Mountains of southwest CO stand majestically over Ouray and provide that awe inspiring sense of grandeur that makes our town a real stand out for an elegant or intimate affair in the mountains.  With incredible views of mountains standing over thirteen thousand feet from every vantage point, Ouray’s scenic beauty entrances most everyone.  Only 8 blocks long and 8 blocks wide, Ouray is tiny but mighty and entertains wedding parties of all sizes and caters to many different types of weddings

There is nothing quite like saying your vows under an incredible sky within the midst of some of Mother Nature’s most stunning beauty. You can find the perfect spot in our public lands which are free to use and only require a permit if your guest list numbers more than 75 people. There is a free permit available through the Forest Service. If you’re not sure where to start looking for the best outdoor venue, you may want to take a Jeep Tour and explore the Alpine Loop (Twin Falls in Yankee Boy Basin are beyond gorgeous) or just drive up Highway 550 to Ironton Park. The aspen trees that surround Ironton would provide a stunning backdrop of orange, red, yellow, and green during the Autumn.

If you want to stay closer to town Cascade Falls would make for a majestic location, with just a short hike at the top of 8th Ave to the base of the falls. The Ampitheater overlook would also be very convenient to town and would provide a stunning view of the entire town of Ouray spread out below you. The Ouray City Park complete with gazebo, covered picnic area, and an acre of soft green grass, makes for a very beautiful spot without any hiking required.

Ouray is also an ideal location for indoor weddings with any number of historic local churches and buildings that are available for special events. You can arrange all the details, either on your own or through a local event planner right here in town as well as many qualified professionals that can cover all of your wedding bases: floral arrangements, catering, cakes, photography, music, hair and nails, and perhaps even unique wedding rings from one of our local jewelers. And of course The Box Canyon Lodge can assist you with all of your lodging needs.

While you’re busy with your wedding details, your guests would be thrilled to experience a true Colorado vacation. From cliff-hanging Jeep tours to relaxing massages or soaking in our Hot Springs, Ouray can accommodate every guests needs. Our abundance of summer or winter activities will keep even the most active guest entertained, and definitely wow the first-timers.

So why don’t you come to Ouray and start your life together with the one you love in a truly majestic environment. Let the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs help make your Destination Wedding a dream come true!



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