Victorian Architecture — Whinnerah House

For those guests who appreciate the elegance of the Victorian era, Ouray is like paradise. This small town that is eight blocks long and five blocks wide has 31 historic, commercial buildings still standing today. Most of these were built over 100 years ago and have been well preserved.

In addition to the many historic commercial buildings, there are over 25 lovingly-restored Victorian homes and churches. Guests enjoy walking or driving around Ouray, stopping to see all of the beautiful buildings, from the many Victorian Queen Anne homes, with dormers, bay and leaded glass windows and gabled rooflines, to a Victorian Gothic English country church (St. John’s Episcopal Church) with stained glass windows and beautifully carved woodwork inside.

Wright Opera House

Wright Opera House

As quoted by local historian and writer, Dr. Doris Gregory, “If the ghosts of the builders came back to Ouray and wandered around the business district, they would feel quite at home as they recognized building after building. Ouray is in itself a museum where so much of the past still remains.”

While you’re in Ouray, be sure to visit the Ouray County Museum, Ouray’s original miner’s hospital. This is an outstanding museum and has been highly touted by the Smithsonian Institute. For more information about this great museum, check out their website at www.ouraycountyhistoricalsociety.org.

Stained Glass Window from St. Johns Church, Ouray

Stained Glass Window from St. Johns Church, Ouray

If you are interested in more information on Ouray’s historic structures, you can peruse the Architectural-Survey-Ouray-2004-05 that was done on the Historic District in Ouray.  If you would like a private tour of Ouray’s historic district with concentration on the Victorian Architecture, then, contact the museum to make arrangements.  These tours are an excellent way to appreciate the National Historic District.

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