The Hot Springs – Chemical Analysis

In April, 1992, a chemical analysis of the hot springs water of the Box Canyon Lodge was performed. The amounts of each element are shown below on the basis of milligrams per liter and compares the amount found in the hot springs water to the amount which is considered safe for drinking.

By showing the level of each element safe for drinking, we do not mean to imply that you may drink the water.  It is only shown to illustrate that your own drinking water may contain up to that level before it is considered unsafe.

Element Amount in Hot Springs Safe for Drinking About
Arsenic 0.0160 mg 0.050 mg Old arthritis treatment
Barium 0.0300 mg 1.000 mg Used in GI tract diagnosis
Cadmium 0.0002 mg 0.010 mg Ingredient in dandruff shampoo
Chromium 0.0000 mg 0.050 mg Necessary for glucose metabolism
Fluoride 2.2500 mg 2.400 mg Used to treat water for tooth decay
Lead 0.0010 mg 0.050 mg No known medical use
Mercury 0.0000 mg 0.002 mg Old treatment for syphilis
Nitrate 6.0300 mg 10.000 mg A salt
Selenium 0.0030 mg 0.010 mg Assists in cancer prevention
Silver 0.0000 mg 0.050 mg Anti-bacterial agent
Sodium 124.0000 mg 20.000 mg Maintains body fluid balance
Calcium 336.0000 mg any amount Protects against osteoporosis
Magnesium 19.0000 mg 125.000 mg Regulates muscle relaxation
Potassium 16.6000 mg any amount Aids circulation
Chloride 41.0000 mg 250.000 mg Used as a disinfectant
Sulfate 1130.0000 mg 250.000 mg A salt
Bicarbonate 127.0000 mg any amount Element of antacids
Boron 0.6220 mg any amount Ophthalmologic irrigant
Copper 0.0000 mg 1.000 mg Prevents anemia
Iron 0.3100 mg 0.300 mg Aids in muscle function
Manganese 0.6260 mg 0.050 mg Necessary for bone development
Molybdenum 0.0080 mg any amount Component of essential enzymes
Phosphate 0.0250 mg any amount A salt
Zinc 0.0050 mg 5.000 mg Helps with healing of wounds

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